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🐐 My personal website/portfolio!

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What is it

I made this website so I could display my arsenal of projects and people like you could know what I am up to.

It displays my personal and professional projects, my blog on dev community and my repositories on github.

It will always be a work in progress, so a lot of things may change.


  • NuxtJS 💚
  • Tailwindcss 💙
  • SCSS
  • Web API (Another repo)


  • List my social media links
  • List some of my repositories
  • List my posts on dev community
  • List my professional and personal projects

How does it work

I didn't want to always depend on an API to have content on a page everytime a person accessed my website so I used a recent feature of NuxtJS that makes my whole website in a static website.

It does not update it's content automatically but I also don't make new content very often and when I do just need to rebuild the front end and `voilà` the all pages are new.

So the only need to back end is when it's in development or when the website is built,

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