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What is it

I made this website so I could display my arsenal of projects and people like you could know what I am up to.

It displays my personal and professional projects, my blog on dev community and my repositories on github.

It will always be a work in progress, so a lot of things may change.


  • NodeJS
  • GitHub API
  • Trello API
  • Dev API
  • Front End (Another repo)


  • List my social media links
  • List some of my repositories
  • List my posts on dev community
  • List my professional and personal projects

How does it work

I use the 3 different API's to create the whole content to my front end and I opted to not use any database (fact explained on front end repo).

All projects are get from the Trello API where I built all cards with it's content, including:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Project url
  • Cover
  • Banner
  • Carousel images
  • Tags

All repositories are get from GitHub API and all post from Dev API, following the same trello idea.

All secret data are in ambient variables so I don't need to worry.


I build this API because I saw on a website a guy using Trello as a CMS so build it too 😄

Feel free to fork this repository and build your own version, just remember to send your website link then.

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