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🚀 Project made to connect students to teacher

Table of contents

What is it

That's project was idealized by Rocketseat to a marathon called Next Level Week #2 where they teach, another devs and people that are getting into programming, how to use a stack of development (React JS, React Native and NodeJS).

The idea behind Proffy is to connect people that want to study to people that want to give classes, storing connections.


  • TypeScript
  • ReactJS
  • Netlify
  • JWT
  • Web API (Another repo)


  • Authentication
  • Give many classes as you want
  • Each class has it's schedule
  • User profile
  • Avatar upload
  • CRUD classes

How to run

If you want you can just live test on:

  • Clone the repository
  • Get in the folder cd proffy_web
  • Install dependencies npm/yarn install
  • Execute script npm/yarn start


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