A stack including TailwindCSS 2.0, EleventyJS and Workbox

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TEW Stack

This stack combines TailwindCSS 2.0, Eleventy and Workbox to make static site.


  • TailwindCSS: Easy to use utility-first CSS framework
  • Eleventy: A simpler static site generator
  • Workbox: Generate service workers
  • Sharp: Generate image assets
  • Webpack: Bundler of assets


  • Auto generate icon webfonts from SVG files.
  • Purge of CSS files
  • Minify of HTML/CSS/JS
  • SEO optimized
  • Focused in performance
  • Deploy on docker

Getting Started

  • yarn to install all dependecies
  • yarn dev to boot up that dev server and start building
  • yarn build when you're ready to build a production bundle

npm run build && npx serve dist will boot up a local server of your production site!


You may use only docker commands

  • docker build -t tewstack . to build your image
  • docker run -it --rm -d -p 8080:80 --name web tewstack to run your image at port 8080

Also you can use docker-compose commands

  • docker-compose up -d to build (first time) and run your project
  • docker-compose up --build --remove-orphans -d to build (everytime) and run your project


Yet to come in repository

  • [ ] Open Graph Images example
  • [ ] Custom TEW website template
  • [ ] Review and seek improvements

This repository is based on TEA-STACK


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